A Beautiful Place- Tasmania

In 2010, I arrived in Melbourne, Australia to begin my Masters in Biomedical Sciences which then converted into a PhD. which brought me to Tasmania!

In my view, Tasmania offers excellent educational and research facilities, and along with its unique and inspiring lifestyle, which I help me to develop as an individual. Tasmania is safe and accessible with vibrant Victorian cities based on historical European architecture. Now, if you like secluded, quiet places and beaches with caves, waterfalls, and plenty of trees.. go here! If you are city girl or boy… you might still like it!

I stayed in Hobart five years and grew very accustomed to the weather, fresh, clean air, beautiful beaches and most importantly the ability to take a step back and relax and then jump back into activities again. I have had the chance to visit and enjoy most of the national parks and wilderness. And of course, take tons of pictures.

Tasmania is blessed with many beaches and natural surroundings which offered me an opportunity to become involved in physical activities such as bush walking, jogging/running, and biking. Also, I have also attended social events such as barbecues, day trips, exhibitions, galas and cooking competitions.

Transport and getting around Tasmania is effortless (for me) and more or less efficient. Within the city, I enjoy the metro buses and look forward to long country drives during the weekends/holidays.
I felt like living in heaven, residing in a safe, affordable house which suited my lifestyle.

Overall, to me, Hobart Tasmania provided a ‘no stress’ environment which has helped me study well, develop my creative work and provided me with an excellent lifestyle. Also, I became very fond of the polite, supportive and friendly Tasmanian society.

I really enjoyed this relaxed, quiet, beautiful state.
I miss you Tasmania 🙂

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