Develop writing as a habit and increase your productivity.

Did you know that generating a writing habit could help you fight writers block? Not only that if you were to write everyday, no matter what, at the end of six months you will have your book.

But then why do not we just do it?

Lets be real. If you are an author, you are doing a daytime job and squeezing out time for writing between family, friends, your dog and of course the daily chores! The biggest challenge for the author is to get enough done in the shortest period. Some of us are fortunate, they either are full-time authors or have some help in the domestic and job areas. Or some of us are just single and hence do have the time to sit down and write something daily.

But let us face it not all of us are the same.
Imagine this, if you are a working five days a week, have two kids and on the top of it trying to run a business, would writing a book be your priority? Perhaps not. It’s easy to tell a person “Yeah you can do it.”

But it is true? Can they really do it.

The biggest challenges for the author are the need to be real and map out their priorities properly.

It’s all about habits! So why not make writing a daily habit?

Here is how!

Take up the 30 day challenge. Everyday, does not matter how much but put aside some time to write. Perhaps you write 100 words or 1000 words, it does not matter because you are generating a habit. At first there will be resistance and you will think

‘ahhh I can not do this!’

But stick with it. No matter what. Keep writing.

By the time you get to the end of 30 days, writing will be integrated into your daily routine, you will reach at least 20K words and because it will be your second nature, it will be easy to continue to write. Also, because the story will be fresh in your mind, it less likely you will hit writers block. But remember, even if you feel like you are not doing your best, keep writing, you can always come back to that section and fix it later.


Hope this was helpful.

Thanks for reading.

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