Can following political figures help you create great characters?

Generally I am do not look much into political affairs. However, recently I have come across people who are working and in fact studying the subject. One thing I have found out, it can be contagious, because, although I may not be a fan of politics recent changes in the ‘picture’ of politics have increased my interest. I wonder, are politics or politicians a subject writers should study. Will it help us, perhaps to create great characters? or the worst characters? These questions lead me to explore further and of course I focused on one of the most ‘talked about’ President in the 21 st Century. Donald Trump.

Its the nature of the President job, to leave a mark on history. Every man or women who has held this position has tried their best and earned their reputations accordingly. Well, as much as they can. 🙂 Please understand this blog is not a political statement.

I feel there is a very skewed changed in the picture about politics. Before, the election of Trump, me and my friends were hardly concerned what was going on the other side of the globe. However, recently this attitude has completely changed, and mostly because of  distinct personality of Donald Trump.

Lets see, in the last eight months, Trump has created a huge hype in the media, most of it negative in comparison to his predecessor Barak Obama. He certainly tweets a lot, get a lot of media attention on Facebook, newspapers, online articles mostly for his negative behavior and outbursts. Believe it or not, and I have recently found out he is active subject of psychologist. If you are interested please read McAdams, The mind of Donald Trump!

A large and swiftly growing body of research shows that people’s personality, their characteristic impulses, and goals, and their internal thoughts of themselves are great predictors of what they will feel, think, and do in the future, and powerful aids in explaining why. In the realm of politics, psychoanalysts have recently proved how crucial traits of human nature—such as extroversion and narcissism—shaped the distinctive leadership styles.

Although his journey from the real-estate mogul who would become a reality-TV star and, after that, President of the United States; but the general notion is he is always acting. He never shows his true self. No one knows what’s going on in his head. Nevertheless, its has also been pointed out that several US Presidents before him, had similar characteristics.

So, why does it bother us? Perhaps the sudden change regime from Obama to Trump? Perhaps, he is the unexpected President? Perhaps, his actions or mannerism do not fall in alignment of the ‘general policies’ of politics, or do they? Only time shall tell. Nevertheless, studying this subject has provided me with a unique vision about how I can create my characters.

In a nutshell, its a bonus to study political figures, and to link with the what is going on with the world. This doesn’t mean you study negative media, but explore changes in the environment globally, it might give you a new vision for your book or characters. Hey! you never know what come out of it!





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