Public transport with free entertainment! Now that’s Australia!

Don’t you love the people… who love their jobs. I came across one. A train driver. That is rare!

The way she announced each station was kind of funny. Her accent, her tone of voice and honestly she tried her best to make everyone laugh! Make our trip enjoyable…And she succeeded. Every time she made an announcement people looked up, then and each other and then started giggling! 🤣🤣🤣😎

After a while people kind of waited for her to make the next announcement! It was FUN!


Every new passenger that boarded the train, was astounded at first but then within seconds he or she would start laughing!!! It was a merry ride all the way!

We had a fun ride thanks to the driver! So hats off to people who love their jobs! WE need more people like these…

*Although I did wonder if she was drunk.. but hey.. I made it safe didn’t I?”


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