Best reads for writers!

Here are some of the authors and their best work of the week!

These guys write, inspire and improve not only their work but also many other authors! I have been studying them for some time now.. and they are amazing 🙂

Fiction: Check out Randy methods for how to get through writers block, increase motivation and react towards criticism of your writing! Should you really consider ‘one’ star reviews?

  • Organization: Do Hard Things
  • How to Measure Motivation
  • Marketing: Should you read your reviews


Non fiction: Are you looking to improve your life or help someone else? Or just write good stuff! Then you would find Robin Sharma’s work is truly inspiring –

He believes

  • Life Wants You to Win.
  • Risk Provokes Rewards.
  • You are not going to understand everything! (this is my fav) 🙂
  • Generosity Delivers Miracles.

This is just the beginning! He provides more information if you are writing a ‘self help’ book or just want to improve yourself!



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