Don’t you just love dogs!

Research shows that patting and interacting with animals lowers stress and anxiety levels

Over 850 healthcare facilities acrossphoto 2.JPG Australia involve therapy dogs in day-to-day functions. Therapy dogs are becoming more and more common today.

For instance, Curtin University has a beautiful dog named George. It loves to be around students, plays with them and is kept on campus. Most of all helps reduce their stress! I am sure welcomed by the staff!  Other universities such as Victoria University also have similar programs.

That is sooo awesome! I got a chance to play with a few today.. and it was such a good and beautiful experience. For a while it seemed all the work.. stress.. to do’s had left me!

But what about your work place? Does it allow to bring your pet at work?

Writers and dogs go a long way back!

Dogs have inspired writers to write, and they have been our constant companions during the long hours hard work!

Although… they might eat your novel…if you leave it lying around! Nevertheless they are still adorable. 🙂 And thanks to computers we can print out another one! 🙂


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