Why should you go to writing conferences?

Many would argue that writing conferences are a waste of time. I have gone through publishing process of many authors who say, conferences do not work! On the other hand, others think they are essential. 

What you think?

Many writers go to conferences with an agenda. To get an agent. To get a deal. To find a publisher or find people who could help publishing their book. Also, to increase the sales of the books they have already published one!

I thought the same.

This is not bad strategy, but it can be a bit disappointing and too much pressure.

Why? because writing and publishing are a business, here you have to build trust and build it slowly. People have to know you, to buy from you! You cannot just expect anyone to give you something. Would you give or buy something from someone without knowing about them?

I agree that some writers do get the chance and do get an agent! That might happen to you! If it does then fantastic! You are lucky! But I also want to impress the fact that conferences should be fun! I recently discovered this.

In mid 2017, I went to the Hay House conference, and I tried to implement what one of my favorite authors said. “Go and learn.”  This conference is also held in the US. I went to the Australian one. 

That is what I did, and I had an experience of a lifetime! Not only did I make fantastic friends, and learned a lot; I really enjoyed the conference because there were no expectations!

Here are the three main points I learned. 

Opportunity to submit your work:

Here is another thing, I am a fiction writer, and this was a conference for a non-fiction writers… but still I learned a lot! Like the differences between self publishing and the traditional publishing and the pros and cons of each method. Moreover, I like the structure of the conference. It was really ‘light’ and at the end we knew that there was a tough road ahead, but it did not feel like a burden! We were told that everyone would get a chance to submit a proposal at the end of the 2-day conference. This I think worked well for everyone! 

Increase awareness:

As the discussion continued I explored the possibilities of my work in the field of publishing. Discussing the ideas with other inspiring writers or other published writers I could see my book doing well out there. I understood the business more. I could foresee the issues that I could face and also ‘what I needed to do.’ Does not mean I wasn’t worried or terrified. I was, but the awareness was liberating because now I knew what I was gunning for! 

Truly Inspiring: 

Listening to other authors, who had already published books was inspiring! they discussed the process, not neglecting the realities of publishing and then one by one shared their experiences with us. Which was great! I made notes, looked at my work from a completely different prospective and most of all I was among people who write daily! Like me!  We have to agree… writers job is a lonely one, and to be among people who think of ideas and then put them in words which is then converts in a beautiful book. Hey it’s not magic, but it is magic for the writers! And to be among people who were positive, realistic and shared their experiences was truly inspiring. 

There are many more thoughts I could share here, but I do not want to make my blogs too long! 

So, writers you should keep going for conferences to make friends, find inspirations, learn how you could improve your art and you never know your efforts just to put yourself and your work out there… might just make your dreams come true. 

Have a great day, until next time! 


Hey, if you want to share your thoughts, or ideas about this please feel free to post a comment. If you think this might benefit someone else, please share this blog. 

I really appreciate everyone reading my work! 🙂 




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