You do not need a perfect body… you just need a healthy one!

Here I want to share what I got out of a recent book.

As a writer I love to read and its my privilege to share my thoughts and recommend them to you. 

Recently I finished reading Michelle Bridges book “Make it Happen


download (5).jpg

Wow.. The book jumps starts with honest picture of her journey. I loved the small check lists at the end of each chapters. I particularly like the direct… upfront… no nonsense advice. I felt that was really helpful…and it could help you reaching your goals of fitness and weight loss. Michelle is a ‘tough’ guru but you do need someone like her because weight loss and getting your life back on the track means… business. It means you need to be disciplined and really control yourself. 

What I can say is in this book….. you will learn something about hard work…. dedication and most of all… being your own cheerleader no matter what! I loved her advice on that. No one knows what you want, only you know.. and if you cheer yourself up… you will get there! 

There are certain things I did not like. Some of the stuff was obvious but some section of the books were really prolonged. But hey thats me….

Hope you pick up the book… and enjoy! 


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