Best reads of the week: The Tao of Pooh

This week I read Tao of the Pooh... A book recommended by one of my favorite authors and trainers Brendon Burchard. 

So..Tao of the pooh... by Benjamin Hoof What is so special about this book that I read it twice in 48 hours.

First of all I like pooh.. Ohh that bear is a darling! At first I thought this book was for kids… Well… Now that I think of it I think yeah…. You might like to read it to your kids.. They love it and also understand a few things about live. Hell, I 


wish I had read it before.

It talk about ‘ways of life’ and how to do all you want in a simpler way… an

d still stay ‘humble’ and enjoy the now!

Most of all I love the way that the book is written. It’s simple, yet gets it might surprise you for time to time. It’s funny… Light and a good read on the beach or the day you are relaxing.

It’s based on the chances teaching of Tao, Its like the fable Alchemist or Monk who sold his Ferrari... Although much lighter, the style is such that reading becomes fun! 

Most of the books that I read about personal development are like a manual… Do this.. Then that… Then this… Then that… Well… This book… FUN to read and so refreshing….I do not mind the manuals but hey your mind does get bored after a while because you are absorbing the information in a passive state. That does not mean I do not love those books… but sometimes you need something that is different. 

And this book does it!

So what can you learn from this book.. Follow the POOH way. The pooh way is do not hustle for things that are not in your control. For instance, If you were to complete a job,  and you did it on time, worked hard for it and you will find out the results for it next week. Now what is the next thing you do? Or we do… Worry? Check your emails again and again. Check our phones… you cannot focus on other things… You discuss about your worries with your family or colleagues thus empowering the ‘worry’. So… instead of focusing on the journey we focus on the results… We should understand that the results are not in your hands. Most of the things are not in our hands.. Instead why not Just sit back relax, enjoy your small wins, your ‘now’ time and have fun.  Like Pooh.

Remember: What is “true” will always endure!

AS the book is written in a very lively and humorous way, it keeps your mind active and absorbs you completely… And I think I mentioned… You can read it to you kids… It’s fun.. Although… You may end up answering a lot of question they might have.

That’s it for today. Thank you very much for reading!



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