Five basic tools for writing an excellent novel!

As writers you and I know, we need to know the essential tools and especially where to get them!

  • Looking for a suitable method to write your novel – There are two methods–

One – write as you go.  It means you do not plan your novel, and the story develops as you write it.

Two- develop a summary of your plot and then expand it to creating a novel. Meaning you plan your book!

I do not use the first method any more. I began using the second method, and here is a book that is great! And hey I can vouch for this method because I have used it! Once you master it… it’s like a breeze.

  • Looking to create great characters:

Now, this part is tricky but reading the following books will help you a lot to develop your character.

Okay if you want to know your characters before writing your stories- this is a book you should refer! The snowflake method.  The author using a parable to describe the method, which i think is awesome!

Second, you could learn from the masters. Here is a book of classical ‘super hit’ writers which tells the tales and their fundamental methods of writing. Fiction Writing Master Class.

Third, the book story engineering, if you are a beginner, this the perfect guide! I wished I had read this book earlier.

  • Writing a scene.

As authors, we are always wondering how much is enough? Describing a scene, especially an action scene can be a tough job. But hey, the more you do it, the better you become. And here is a article you can refer.

You could also follow this blog. Whenever I am stuck on seen I refer to this blog! Man, this guy is excellent!

Also again, try getting your hands on this book. (Story Engineering).

  • Editing   

Once you have completed your novel, the editing begins.

Editing is the spine of writing. If you have a great editor, who can work on your story, and enhance it… then you are lucky! If you do not have one… then find one!  This is a critical tool. I recently found out that bestselling authors not only work with the editors appointed to them by their publishers but have their own personal editors.

So here are some things you could do to begin editing!

First, you could try Grammarly or Whitesmoke. These are online editors and help begin the editing process.

Second, you could use this a book, Revision and Self-editing which contains several simple and great tips!

Third, give your novel to a friend for reading, and if possible editing. Offer them something. Like movie tickets or acknowledgement in your book once its published

Fourth, re-read and re-edit after feedback from your friends and then send it to an actual editor. If you do not know where to find a good editor, you can go this group and post your question. Fiction Writing. 

Its a group of several writings and also editors! And they give great tips!

  • If you are a writer, you need a website! It’s a great tool.

I think of this every day. I have been writing for years, but I just created my website. Damn I should have done it before. But now that I have done it…you know what… it’s great! Especially, if you are a non-fiction writer. Even if you are a fiction writer, blogging and having your website is a good idea. You can use just post your everyday experiences as an author or even just about your general life. It really helps! It helps your writing and enables you to develop a platform which is very important for an authors career.

So here is where you could start

First, have a look at the website of established authors. It’s a great start!

Second, you could check out authors that are just starting. Its easy. Search for a new author in your genre, google their name and go and check out their websites. Its a very good way to learn!

Third, create a website. You could begin with WordPress. It’s a good place where you can develop your website in a few hours! Tip, it takes more time than you think… but once it’s done. It’s awesome!


Hope this was helpful.

Please share, you would not only be helping me but other authors who are looking for wards to develop their craft.

Happy blogging!







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