Five videos for inspiration and motivation

We all have our little places where we head to seek comfort or inspirations. And during my dark times… when I was uncertain I would reach my goals… I was scared. I developed my own little collections of videos to keep me going!

I watch these videos and today I am going to share them with you. This is my hope is that they help you as much as they have helped me…

These guys are the best, and when you need inspiration for life… for writing…

So here we go.

Tony Robbins Your emotions are a message! 

Brendon Burchard How to develop more confidence? 

Brendon Burchard How to believe in yourself?

Mel Robbins Stop overthinking… and start doing!

Bob Proctor   Natural laws to attain anything in your life.

Robin Sharma The Victim to leader leap

All of us need this.. for writing.. for jobs.. for life! Hope this was helpful!

Happy blogging!

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