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Hey all,

I hope you had an incredible year! Today I want to share something really important with you.

I have been writing for ages but recently became very serious about publishing my book. In order to understand the process of publishing, I began reading materials of other authors and also visiting publishers websites which provided valuable insights into the world of publishing. Trust me, this helps a lot, and if you plan to publish your book you need to find valuable resources.

I have been following Erica Verrillo for the past one year and I have found it really helpful. In her article Writers Are from Venus, Agents Are from Mars she describes her experience with publishing her book and gives us an idea of the differences between writing and publishing a book. Not only this, she also has a Facebook page where she constantly posts about agents or publishers looking for new manuscripts. This information is also available on her website.

Book publishing is highly selective and very subjective field. The best source of information for publishing and understanding the process is gained by reading about experiences shared by other writers, agents and editors. Time consuming, but necessary! If you are targeting a certain agent, read his or her blog. This will eventually help you understand their work, and also identify which agent or agents will be interested in your book. I know, most of the agents on websites like My Manuscript Wish List mention several genres. Nevertheless, as a author you should check out their websites, read their blogs and articles to know if they would be interested in your manuscript. In addition, if you know what they are interested in, their client list and their latest activities, you will contact them with more confidence.

Other great resources you could use are Publishers Weekly, Writers Digest (I found contact details and information about many publishing houses and agents here) and The Writer (the best site ever!).

I hope this is helpful. Good luck with your writing, and if you know of other great resources for authors please share. Thanks in advance.

Happy blogging!

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