Ten days of photography!

We get so engrossed in our daily activities, that we forget the beauty in small things around us. Recently, a friend of mine challenged me to do 7 days photography challenge. I got overexcited and did a bit extra!

There was an interesting outcome of this activity. Not only it required me to carry my camera around, I noticed each and everything around me and since I clicked many I had to really think which photograph was worth publishing.

This activity was not only fun but also sparked my creativity.  I had to think out of the box and out of my comfort zone. 

Also I was so excited about my work, I decided to put it in my blog!

Day 1: A basement I usually go to but never saw the light this way. 


Day 2: Mom said ‘Do not play with your food!’ But I did!


Day 3: Masks. Don’t we all wear them! 


Day 4: Photography is less tricky during Christmas time! Why, because there is decorations everywhere! 


Day 5: These strokes attracted me! 


Day 6: Just looking at this statue filled my heart with peace. I had to click it! 


Day 7: Chocolate, hmmmm. 


Day 8: It just looked at me with such love. 


Day 9: Strawberries. Don’t you just love them! 


Day 10: Cannot decide if the girl is cuter or the dolphin! 


Happy blogging…

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