Write Smart, Write more! Useful links for becoming a successful writer.

When I began writing, like each and everyone of you. I googled about ‘how to write your novel’. As expected, hundreds of sites came up! Trust me it was interesting to read a variety of articles with great suggestions, but it was so exhausting and confusing!

Being a new author I was confused. Where should I go? Which method should I follow? I wondered if this would work for me? At that point I thought all tips worked for all writers. I was so wrong! Nevertheless, I did use the tips offered by best selling authors, editors and literary agents, and soon found out what worked for me.

But to be honest, it was like finding a needle in a hay stack! 

This morning, when I was doing my usual reading, I uncovered a new blog describing some very interesting tips about writing, and developing your craft.

At that moment I thought, “There are so many aspects to writing, why cant they put it all together in one place?” 

So I decided to create this blog. Not only for me, but also for other authors who can come and find the links to several sites which actually help authors develop their craft! I will describe a little about the site and then add the link. The rest is up to you! 

P.S I will keep updating this blog as I find more sites with great tips for authors! And of course your comments and suggestions are welcome! 

Happy writing!


  1. Advance fiction writing: This site has everything a author needs! Most useful for fiction writers. You want to learn how to create an outline, go here! You want to learn how to create a synopsis… this is the site for you! And hey, he has a great software you could use to develop your story! 
  2. Brendon Burchard: Mostly for non-fiction writers, but his technique and advice is invaluable. I have provided a link to one the most useful video for authors, see if you like it. If you google his name you will find a lot of content. 
  3. 48 Hours Writer: Now this sounds a bit unrealistic, nevertheless its worth a shot. Especially if you have very less time to finish your book. Its a bit unconventional method of writing your book.
  4. Now imagine this. You are typing away at full speed. Very happy. You think today you will get to the target word count. But then you suddenly stop, and ask yourself, “how many times have I described pain or certain facet of my novel this way?” You are not alone. We all seemed to use the same words again and again. Especially at the early stage of writing. Word dreams is a website developed by Jacquie Murray. She provides a list of way you could describe pain, a village, a women…etc. 
  5. Ever wonder where do you start learning about book proposals, query letters, etc. Start here. This is a very straight forward, no nonsense site which gives you with the basics of everything! Also, there are several example or sample query letters you can use.
  6. Erica Verrillo’s website Publish to death is a wonderful and all stop resource for everything from writing tips to the names of agents and publishers looking for authors. Perhaps you are a poet or a short story writer. This site is for you! She regularly lists the names and links of all the important people you should contact to get your work published. And you know what, most of the submission are free! Frankly I think the website’s name is SO cool! 
  7. Writers digest is a pretty nice resource for writing, although I do not like all the articles published here. Although this article which helps you write male and female characters is interesting!
  8.  When you are writing, did you realize that you did not know how to describe certain things? Try descriptionari! Its a website where you will find descriptions on emotions such as fear, anger, happiness, death… and many many more! Its not perfect, but it gives a broad range of descriptions of situations or words you could use in your novel! 
  9. What do you do for synonyms? Don’t you feel like you keep using the same words again, and again, and again. Thesauruses.com is a lot of help!
  10. Now, if you novel is ready to go out there, then you should open an account with Query tracker. This is a site which lists all the publishers and agents. Why do you need it? Simple, it enables you to keep a track of all queries you have sent in one place. The most practical feature is it allows you to read the comments left by other authors who have submitted their work to a particular agent. For instance, if a agent is dodgy, other writers ‘do’ mention it. So its best not to send them your work! If a agent is slow to respond, and most of the authors mention that, you know not to expect a quick reply. Its really very handy.

I hope this has been useful!

Happy writing!

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