Eight ways to motivate yourself!

Hey all,

We all think that we should care for ourselves less than others. This is not true. You should care for yourself first and then help others. Why? Just imagine, how loving, fresh and caring you feeling while caring for others if you knew in your heart you ‘also’ to care for yourself and did not put yourself last.

Here are eight things you could do. I have also included links to some videos that are really helpful.

  1. Love yourself. Get started on the path to self-respect by reminding yourself of your strengths daily, limiting comparisons to other people, figuring out what you truly value and living a life aligned with that.
  2. Bring joy. Determine something that brings you happiness and commits to doing something everywhere that will bring joy to your life.
  3. Speak your heart. Just express yourself.
  4. Be yourself. To thine own self-be true: Authenticity is your greatest asset.
  5. Love change. Change is inevitable. Just love it. It brings more good than you think.
  6. Create calm. Think about your office or home. Do you feel calmness as you step through the door?  Here are some tips to help you create a more positive environment.
  7. Get inspired. The world is full of inspiring achievers. Identify the people who motivate you, and consider their strengths. Ask, what can I learn from them? Copycat the people who cheer you on or the people who always seem to have a happy mindset. What do they do on a daily basis?
  8. Take a moment. Take a moment of silent meditation. Breath and relax!


Happy blogging!

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