Three myths about writing, and how to break them!

“If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.” – Toni Morrison

There are many writers with great potential! However, many myths scare most of the early writers and stop them from reaching their full potential. All writing ideas can be great, and of course the more you work on them, the better writer you become.

Today lets talk about three myths which hold us back!

Myth 1: I am not talented enough. I do not know how to write a book. 

While this might be true, but remember all you know today, you have learned during your lifetime! You learned to ride a bike; you learned how to read, and you can learn to write too. If you have a dream of writing a book, and it’s not just a fleeting dream, then there are many courses, many methods you can use to learn to write and finish your book. Writing is a skill, and you need to learn the basics. Writing is a talent, which you can develop. 

Myth 2: I do not have time to write a book. 

Now, this is the most common excuse not to begin writing. Please be more honest with yourself. Do you have no time?

I recently learned that an author, who is a mother of three, does a full-time job and has three published books! Isn’t that great! What is driving her? The necessity and the passion.

Okay…so, how can you bust this myth. Here is an idea. Let’s imagine your book is 60,000 words long. Yes! Its always good know your how long your book might be. You might use more or fewer words, but if you have an idea how long your study might be, trust me you will get there!

Suppose you are the busiest person on this planet. Okay.

I want you to do some calculations. Out of the 365 days, subtract 100 days for school holidays, travel holidays, sick days, out with friends days, I am not in the mood days, procrastination days and family festivals such as Christmas and of course new year. That leaves 265 days! Now, let’s divide 60,000 words/265 days, and you have 226 words/per day. So that means half a page. I believe anyone can write 250 words every day!

Which means you do not have to give up Game of Thrones, 😉 

Myth 3: I do not think my idea is good enough. 

This is a tough one to bust! Now, this does not mean that every idea you have got is great! No! But the point here is to believe in your ability to generate ideas! If you do not believe in your ideas, then who will?

Another truth you should know. An idea that you think is not good enough, might be loved by an audience or a publisher. On the other hand, an idea you thought was excellent, might be criticised and rejected.  This is the truth of writing; some people will love your ideas other will not!

So, what is the solution?

Determine what your feeling about the idea? If you feel it is not good enough, and sincerely you do not like it…drop it. Right away! What this means is that you do not feel strongly positive about it! 

If you do not know whether it’s a good or bad idea, do a simple exercise. Write it down on a piece of paper. Try to keep it to one page. Now, it is out of your mind; and you can relax. You do not have to make any decisions at once. Leave it for some days. When you come back and find that you are not impressed by it, bin it! On the other hand, if at that point, you sit down and start thinking about ‘how you could improve it’ and write the new version of the same idea on a new page. Man… you have it! 

Just remember, no matter how good your idea is, ask for the input it will only enhance your idea. 


Thank you for reading.



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