For the love of writing!

Everyone has times in their lives when they doubt themselves and then think about where they are at the moment. Something like that happened to me. I began this blog with such an excitement and thought this was going to be great and awesome!

Now, I am not saying it’s not great or awesome, but I just did not think it would be so hard to sustain it! Yes, friends’, starting anything, a blog or a book is easy. However, sustaining it is the most challenging task. However, it’s not impossible!

In an attempt to boost this blog and to boost the speed of editing my book, I began to research and think how I could take this to the next level? What I found terrified me! More work! More content! More ideas! It was overwhelming. I had a breakdown and for a week, I was so stressed that nothing, absolutely nothing would put a smile on my face. I thought I could not do it. I thought I could never do it. I thought I was done! And I cried. I was very upset. Spend a whole week just wondering why was I putting myself through this?

Slowly, I let the days pass, and I left behind my expectations and my visions and then just chilled. Then I realized, what I had thought about during the past few weeks were great ideas. But they were not to be done at once! All I need to do was do them one by one, and go step by step. And now the world is great again. Here I am writing again. I just realized that I do what I do because I love it.

To all writers, if you feel overwhelmed, sad or upset, just ask yourself why did you start writing?

Have a great day!

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