Growing Orchids and Pitching Queries  

I moved to Sydney a year ago, and out of the blue felt like I should have flower garden. Yeah. I know. I never thought about it all my life, but here I was thinking I wanted one. The first flowers I thought about was growing Orchids. I have some friends who have a lot of experience in working in their own gardens. When I spoke about it with them, and they were said going for orchids was a bad idea. Why? Because they need time, they need effort, you need to take care of them and you need to be patient with the process. Disregarding their suggestions, I still went for it. OMG, it has been a gruelling experience. Trust me, I have had fun. I am not complaining. But boy I salute all the people who work so hard in their gardens. And of course, we reap the benefits! I love my Orchids, although they nearly died (my fault).

This week I realised that writing novels, was like growing orchids. It takes time, patients and a lot of effort! And let’s not forget the moral support from our families and friends. Now I did not realise this until I got a partial request from a second agent! Wow! Now, a bit back story. I have had an agent interested in my novel six months ago, but I have not heard from her just yet. I can scream and shout about it, but I also understand these are busy people and I am lucky to get an agent! Now, coming back to this week, I wondered what was it that drew this agent to my book as soon as she read the query. I have sent over a hundred queries last year and in Jan 2018. So, what did I do differently in March? Simple, I rewrote my book for the ten time! Now you might think this is not a good idea, since it was already with agent. But I did, because a lot of agents gave me feedback that it was too long, there were typos and the first chapter was not capturing their attention. Now, I did not change the plot, but I changed the way I wrote the plot and made it more streamlined and fast paced. I know. I know, rewriting it at this stage was a risk, but hey what is life without risks! It paid off! It paid off! So happy! So joyous, I worked hard and created another opportunity for my book.

I am now a proud owner of an Orchid plant, and a writer with a few more opportunities.

Good night to all, and all writers just keep believe in yourself and take risks!!


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