The best of 21st century: Podcasts

I am enjoying the 21st century.

Long gone are the days when I had to wait for my favorite radio shows. Long gone are the days when I had to search through millions of Picture1.pngbooks just to seek out the best advice or seek out the best guidance to start my dreams… oh I love the 21st century.! Especially, when you have such incredibly gifted people sharing their knowledge and experiences with you through Podcasts. 

What is a Podcast?                                                                                
Most of you know this…. but why not explain! Podcasts are digital audio files (launched in 2005) made available on the internet and on your smart phone which can be listened online or downloaded.  It’s like a radio show which has sevePicture2.jpgral episodes, short and long and you can subscribe  to a podcast, and most podcasts on iTunes are free! It is a great platform for authors, writers, businessman, public speakers to express their views and also share their ideas about hundreds of topics. You can listen to podcasts on your iPhone and GooglePlay. I have just mentioned two, there are several other places you could listen them.

Why we love Podcasts?

It is a great form of entertainment for everyone. Mostly, it makes it easy to consume information while driving, shopping, and walking the dog. I have a job which requires me to travel from one place to another. That  means I spendPicture3.jpg a lot of time on public transport. Podcasts serve me really well because although I love to read, I do not want to carry a load of books around. Lately, I have been reading about personal development and other people’s life experiences. Again, Podcast is a great resource for personal development. But if that is not your cup of tea, there are podcasts about business, money and finance,parental guidance, food and cooking…. and the list is quiet long! 

Five podcasts… I just fell in love with!

Nowadays, I am into building confidence, creating better habits, and most of all developing emotional and physical agility. I am happy to say that these guys through their podcasts have helped me develop just that.


Brendon Burchard   Lewis Howes          Tony Robbins             TED Hour        Robin Sharma 

I just love these guys, and if you are trying to improve your life these are the podcast you should listen to.

I hope this has been a helpful post. 

I am a researcher and writer. I use both of these skills not only to pay the bills but also to better myself. If you are interested to read more about what I think writing, relationships or other resources of writing please do check out my blog posts.  

Thank you very much… have lovely day! 

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