Is persistence enough?

“A little more persistence, a little more effort, and what seemed hopeless failure may turn to glorious success” Elbert Hubbard 

Hmmmm several times people say to me:
You are really persistent!”
You do not give up, do you?”
You are so strong headed!” 

Such comments make me really happy! The thing is, the real reason for my persistence is because I am doing what I believe in. I love my job and I am totally dedicated to it and I work every day to give it my best. When I really love a plot of a book, oh boy, I just go for it! It does not matter to me how many rejects and failures I face. Do not get me wrong, I do feel upset, sad and cry a bit, but I do not give up. Overall, If I do not believe and love a task, I would not go  after it.

Aren’t we all the same? Don’t you regularly follow-up on things, connect with people and do everything possible to be with that guy? But you do this, only if you are really keen on it! Otherwise, you just think… oh, I will get to that thing someday! Someday I will write that book! Someday I will get that agent! Everything in your life depends on how persistent you are! But you might have a secret ingredient inside you that you might have not discovered, yet! 


Actually, I thought I was just persistant but lately and rather “unknowingly” I discovered I also developed tenacity.

But you might say, persistence should be enough. No! Not really. You really have to know what you want (goal), go after it with determination (persistence) and then apply different strategies to keep improving in order to acheive it faster (Tenacity)! For many people, including me, the goal and going after it is very easy. Nevertheless, it is the strategies where we all get stuck!

At first when I used to get stuck, I would be really frustrated and put in more time and effort without thinking. But lately, I have repeatedly stopped and asked the following questions:

“Is there any other way of doing this?” 

“Can I make this better?” 

“What skills do I need to achieve this? 

“Can I ask for help or get feedback?” 

The last two questions have forced me many times to reconsider what was ‘really’ needed and how can I plan and ‘strategies’ my approach towards my goals. Sometimes, it meant starting again. Although, frustrating, the more I applied tenacity the better I have become.

Therefore, persistence is necessary, and it can get you where you want to go when applied to your goals. But, you will get results sooner rather than later if you occasionally stop, check and measure your success, and mostly importantly skill up! 

Happy blogging!


I am a researcher and writer. I use both of these skills not only to pay the bills but also to better myself. If you are interested to read more about what I think writing, relationships or other resources of writing please do check out my blog posts.

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