Best of 21st century: The world of blogs.

While there were hardly any blogs two decades ago, today there are billions of people sharing their stories on the web. This makes it really exciting. Blogs provide a wide platform for a number of businesses, and have also become an active sharing platform for millions of people who can talk about anything they like from movies to shoes!

Why is it so popular?  Is it easy…well starting it is.. but sustaining it can be a tough cookie.

However, if you do push hard, a number of writers, bloggers, businessmen and companies can vouch that blogging has helped them quite a bit.

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Lets see a few facts. 

  • On an average, blogs tend to be just over thousand words and a post takes about three hours to write. You might take less or more time, this is an overall average.
  • They are the fifth most important source of information.
  • Longer in-depth and insightful blogs are visited more often.
  • Average time spent on a blog post is less than 40 seconds (so make it count!)
  • Marketers or companies that post often (approx 20 posts/month) get 3 times more traffic and are four times more likely to get business in comparison to marketers and companies who just post 0-4 times in a month.
  • Graphics, designs or images and stats actually make a blog popular.
  • Video included blog is a popular notion
  • Most important, people relate to blogging!

I just love reading and writing blogs (I would like to do it more often!) because they connect me to the writer. Personally, I do not connect with company blogs because I know that they have possibly outsourced the blogs and this is ‘not their voice.’

I feel close to the novelist, personal development gurus, coaches and other people by reading their blogs. Most of these blogs are just about the writer’s journey, their experiences and their perspective. It is amazing to see that it has become so easy for us to try and look through other people’s eyes. Of course, we have to accept that some people may not be authentic…that is a fact of life. Also, you may not connect with heaps of bloggers, but where does it say that we have to like everything that goes around.

Expressing ideas, notions and also sharing failures and resentments, this has given power to blogs. By reading someone’s blog who we admire, it becomes apparent to us that he or she is not perfect. And we do not connect with the perfection, but the imperfection. Why? because in our minds we can quick relate to their stories and what they went through. An accident. A trauma. A death. We have all gone through the same thing, one way or another.


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