Get unstuck!

Day after day, I find myself reading as many books about personal development as possible. And then I came across this one!

Like many of my authors, I first heard about Dr Susan David on a podcast. Her ideas about our emotions and how we interpret things rang a bell. Also I like the idea or the notion about happiness. I really didn’t think I need to be happy all the time. Life is like  a roller coaster and it goes up and down.

Although all this is true, but unfortunately for us we have never been trained how to ride this roller coaster.

Emotional agility basically means being flexible and this book shows how you can be flexible because life will always change. Its not like one day when we have what we want (love, family, money and our dream car) all our problems will be gone- No. New problems will arise with new challenges and we need to learn how to manage those if we want to succeed in whatever we want to do.

This book also highlights that success means different to different people. For some it might just be as simple as peace of mind for others just a bit of love and care, and for many it is (lets be real) financial stability. Nevertheless, lets be honest – do we really know what we want?

Why should we asked this question, it is because as soon as we get what we want we get bored of it and then want something else. So the question we should ask is are we growing (progressing) or are we just hopping from one ambition to another. One more thing to consider- the ambitions or the things we are after are really what we want??

Its not a surprise that I highly recommend this book and also ask you to read it as a text book which helps you understand – why you feel a certain way and why NOT to ignore it. 

Happy blogging!

Love and happiness to all!

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