Why you should read the #5SecondRule?

zI have just finished one of the most thrilling nonfiction books and hey I could not wait to share what I thought about it!
The Introduction is about the Author, Mel Robbins and how she discovered this rule and then shows examples of how it changed her life. And yes, it was not over night. She made small changes which lead to big ones.

I like the size of the book. Small. To the point. Quick read. Especially for busy people.

What I like about the book was, I felt like jumping out of your chair and ‘just doing it!’

Its human psychology that we tend to weigh pro and cons before we do something we really want. Of course, we should do that that, but if you overdo this it becomes over thinking. Overthinking leads to stress and anxiety and no action taken at all. For instance, if you are going for something big, like write a book. Let me ask you a question. How much have you actually written? Do you have a personal deadline? Have you told people that you are going to write this book and you are going to finish it on this date? If not. Then you will never finish it. I am sorry. But it’s the cold hard truth!

This is what the book made me realize. The three questions I have asked you above are ‘small steps’. Small steps lead to bigger things. Make a plan, then just 5 4 3 2 1 and go! You can always modify your plans later. Do not get stuck in perfection! Hey I am talking about writing a book, but if you are thinking if you should or should not go to the gym. … then 5 4 3 2 1… just Go! 🙂

Another aspect of this book I really like is the description about how your feelings affect your brain and how it cannot distinguish between anxiety and excitement!  Based not on our brain, but on our feelings, we make decisions. Everything revolves around our feelings. The interesting part is the simplicity of the book. No big words. Nothing. Just raw feelings and facts handed over to you!

The book answers many basic questions we all have. For instance, Do you know that you really need to do something? And although you are passionate about it you are not doing it! The answer lies in this book. And it’s simple. Your brain thinks it’s HARD. Why? Maybe because you never tried it or you tried it in the past and failed. Perhaps you have seen other people try it and fail. It’s just fear. That is all.

Let me give you an example. After finish the book and before I started writing this Blog, my mind said

“Ah you can write it tomorrow. Who cares what you think about this book.”

But the fact remains I do care!

I love books. And I love this book! Most of all in my view our education system is flawed. It teaches us history, mathematics, geometry…. etc… hey these things are very important but so is living in society and achieving our goals and dreams. We should know history. We should know how to deal with our money but hey… when will we learn to live to our fullest potential?  Where is the curriculum for that? You may find the answers you seek in this book.

Most of all, it teaches us that the journey and not the destination is very important. I know.. I know it’s a cliché. But taking a leap can be very fulfilling. For instance, there are a couple of stories where all the person had to do was take the leap. Like talking with women across the bar. The result does not matter. Taking the plunge does!  Why? Because it gives you the personal boost you need to keep on taking risks!

#5secondrule outlines Why it is very important to ask questions? No question is stupid! We shouldn’t shun ourselves or our children from asking hard questions. For instance, if there is a question in your mind, that you feel will change the track of your relationship with anyone, and you fear asking it… then you should ask it! You should ask it no matter what! If you are anxious… if you are fearing asking, then you should know it is important to you. When you do, you will find out that it may be very important to the other party. Or perhaps asking the question might raise the other persons awareness. So, ask the hard questions.

In a nutshell, the #5secondrule teaches you….

  • How to have more confident?

  • How to do the things you fear?

  • How to be courageous?

  • How stop being negative?

  • How can you stop fearing progress and your success?

Just in five seconds!

Just remember, the key is to go through it and not around it!
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