Why changing yourself can be a tough job!

Have you come across people or videos giving you ideas on

How to change yourself?

How to improve yourself?

Of course, they also mention that its hard and it takes time.

Recent research shows that our brains are not fixed. Neuroplasticity is the term which means that we change by changing our habits or our approach.

There is a part of ‘changing you’ that most of the videos skip.

Interestingly, there is a point in your life while you are transforming or making an effort to do so, you will discover that there are two of you!

The Tree of Change (Source)

Haha… yes, there are two of you.

One that is new, wants to go ahead, write that book, write blogs, go for your dreams, boost other people and wants to follow your mentor’s advice to the dot. Then there is other you. The old you! The old beliefs which is deeply integrated into your personality. You really want to change, but this fact makes it tough.

On the other hand, it means you are on the right track.

Everyone one of us, especially people who want to be high performers go through this process.

So, if you have come half away, where you find yourself lost in the abyss… the old and the new you…. keep marching.

If you do not meet resistance if you do not have a battle within yourself…   then you are not changing… but obliging.

If you do feel uncomfortable disoriented, puzzled, tired, annoyed… and are thinking why the hell is this not working… then my friend… you are changing!

I thank all my readers! I hope this serves you!

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