Four things I learned from Emotional agility

Hello there! 

Today I am going to talk about another fantastic book that I have recently read. 

It’s written by Susan David and is called Emotional Agility. 

I first heard of Susan on Lewis Howes Podcast The School of Greatness. I was quickly amazed with her perceptive and notions about human emotionxemotional-agility.jpg.pagespeed.ic.aSllshIIRf.jpgs and how you should and actually could deal with them. Obviously I decided to purchase the book.

It was an amazing read! Why? Well, I ended up reading it three times! 

So, I’ll stop beating around the bush and get to the point. 

    1. First of all its a very easy to read! Its simple. To the point and does not bore you death about details of the authors personal life. I definitely loved the examples she gave from her own life (dealing with death of her father and her relationships with her family). The book really balances the authors stories and the message that it carries. Most of all the scientific approach of the book is very refreshing. Don’t worry… its not technical!  
    1. Second. It says, ‘do not hide your emotions’. This really impressed me. We are so worried about being emotional or behaving badly or crying in front of someone. Why? Why do we have to be so perfect? Why shouldn’t we show emotions when we lose someone? Why is it that if we have to always show a ‘happy’ face? Why do we really need to pretend?  The truth is we do not. The author provides with a series of great examples which I am not going to discuss here because I do not wish to spoil it for you
    1. The ‘little’ tweet principle. I loved this one. Everyone tells us to get out of our comfort zone but you and I know this can be hard. All the books I have read they usually talk about ‘big changes’ and ‘big ideas’. Although these are great, but one should keep in mind that the ‘little tweets’ lead to big ideas! For instance, if you want to loose weight, just change little things first. Get used to that then makes bigger changes. In the same way, if you want to get into the habit of getting up earlier. Everyday day just set your alarm 15 mins earlier. For example. If you want to train yourself to get up at 4.00 am (which can be daunting and highly uncomfortable especially when you are trying to develop a new habit). Why do not you tell your mind/heart… well tomorrow instead of 7.00 am we will get up at 6.30 am. When you succeed, congratulate yourself and then tweet again. The idea is the small tweets does not end up overwhelming you! The idea is to set up long term habits.
    1. Guilt. This is one of the most important feeling/emotion that everyone has to deal with. The author encourages us to deal with feeling guilty and also provides us with ideas on how we could deal with this emotion. The book really shows you how you can deal with guilt and still follow your dreams. We all know, this emotion keeps a hard working mom from following her dreams of starting her own business. It is this emotion that binds a man who hates his family business. But he does not leave because he feels guilty and it would be selfish. The most important thing is, we can stop feeling guilty and find our voice. And yes, there are methods in this book which you can use.   

These are only a few highlights of the book. I hope these have inspired you to go and read it.

Thanks for reading! Happy blogging!

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