Embrace the suck

We have heard it all. You are going through a hard time, embrace the suck. But what does it really mean?

For the last few days, I have been feeling quite low. Just like everyone else I was in doubt. I was having trouble working on my books. I could not focus much at work. I was struggling with identifying which is the best course of action. The question were so overwhelming that I had to make myself stop thinking.

Also, unknowingly I begin to do somethings in order to get back on the track.

First- Talked to a friend. Now, I have learned from experience that it is better to talk with someone who has a positive way of looking at life instead of someone who you know will just depress you more. You do not want to be listening to someone else complaining about their life – what you need is some moral support. So. Talk to a friend.

Second-Write a journal. Well if you are not interested in writing everyday. Just pick up a piece of paper and start writing. Don’t worry about what you write – just write. You will see that by the end of it you will begin to feel better.

Third – Keep going. Now you might think this is not a new idea. And you are right. But sometimes when we are feeling down we stop doing things that matter to us or we should be doing. Also, people suggest us to slow down. If you do not do what you are suppose to do, unconsciously it will begin to bother you. I would suggest you learn to keep your feelings aside and keep going. Although, this might be tough for people with new born children or taking care of a sick person. It is difficult but you should try.

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Fourth – bring novelty. Put on some music. Go for a run. Talk with somone who you have not spoken to. Watch funny video. Watch a funny baby video. Treat yourself differently. Try to change your routine and you will soon begin to feel better.

My worries and concerns have not magically disappeared, but now i have a better perception of how to deal with them.

You are welcome to include your ideas in the comment section below. Love to hear what you guys have to say!

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