Apply this technique and generate the first draft of your book in 48 Hours!!

As writer I am always looking for ways where I could finish my books as quickly as possible. We all know in the real world this does not happen, because writing a book does take time. Not to say the time it takes to edit and reedit or rewrite scenes. But what if you could finish your book in 48 hours! Sounds unbelievable! To incredible! I thought that too, and then I read the Ultimate 48 hour Author (The Ultimate Author), a book which is freely available online. 

Yes this is a book review, and I feel that this is worth a short especially for people who chaotic schedules. Believe me I know how tough it is to finish that FIRST draft, and how thrilling it is to see it all done. What if you could do it in just a weekend?

Read on! 

What I liked about the book was it tells you that you should plan first (which I think all authors should do!). So, it recommends six weeks of planning and thorough research about your book. It emphases on creating an outline for each chapter. Then you have to choose a weekend. A weekend where you go alone and away from any kind of distractions. This can be at a near by hotel, or anywhere you know no one will disturb you for 48 hours.

Now we all are humans, and not expected to work 48 hours so how does this work.? Simple. You dictate the entire story or novel. Since, you would have already done the research and the your outlines of the chapters; it should not an issue. Just like when you type in your story according to your outline, you dictate the novel as per your outline. Now, if you are aiming for a big book which is around 90,000 words, lets be real, you may not be able to complete it. But I like the idea that if I could finish 50,000 words in a weekend! That would be a great accomplishment! 

The book does outline the challenges you could face, like losing your voice or falling ill, but it also in my view gives a fantastic idea. I think if you want to use the method, read the book. Its not very long or technical. 

About dictation, although Dragon is a most common and highly recommended dictation software. Even Dictation in Mac could work. These software’s are good but, I feel are prone to a lot of errors, have to be trained and annoy authors (like me) when we reread our script. But you can use these if you are already used to them.  So I kind of like the authors idea! To get your recorded first draft transcribed by a third party! Transcribing it by a third party does not mean that it would be error free, but much better than a software. But of course, this is my view. Others might prefer a software. 

In summary, do research, pick a weekend (if possible long weekend), go away and record your entire book or partial book using your own computer. If you have a Mac, its a win win situation! And the final step is to get it transcribe! I assume its good to get the first draft out of you, then you can work on the second.. third… etc. 

If you want to know more and read the book!

The Ultimate Author

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