Just a kind reminder…

The day is bright and the light comes through your window- what does it tell you? Its another day, another bright and lovely day for you to love and cherish and make waves. Another path to forge, another chapter to write, another lunch to make, another beach to go. Just one more task, just one more kiss, just one more mile… and then you will get where you want to. But is that true?

It life the journey or the destination? We strive and work everyday to attain certain things or goals in life and we think when we reach our goals that is when we will be happy. But isn’t it true that once we reach or get something we have our eyes set on another set of goals. It is true isn’t it… the life is not the destination but the journey.

Just a reminder, while you are making waves do not forget to surf. While you are completing tasks do not forget to internalize your success. While you are running of to work do not forget to give love to your wife and children for whom you toil. While you are struggling with writers block do not forget, at least you attempting. While you scream at someone or judge someone, remember you might be losing a friend for life… because people never forget how you made them feel.

Just a reminder… what matters most in the end??

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