Do writers need validation?

Today the question we raise is, do writers need validation? Yes, like everything it can be good and bad. But belief is more powerful than validation.

When we start writing a book we are eager to please people. We want everyone to love it. The publishers to accept it and we want everyone to read and enjoy it. In one word, we want ‘validation.’ There is nothing wrong with that. As human beings we all need validation from our friends, partners, spouses or family. Its a human need.

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But till what end? Pleasing everyone will get you no where!

If you are a writer, and you feel you have a book in you. Of course, take courses, develop the skills, get beta readers and talk with mentors. Write the first draft and develop it.

Nevertheless – beware. The more people that get involved in your book the more issues could come up. Someone may not like a character you wrote? Other may comment on your style. Someone else might thing the story does not have a surprise ending or the plot is rather simple. While feedback can be great, it can also damage your work. Ever heard of too many cooks spoil the food?

In order to please everyone, and get ‘it right’ you might write draft after draft after draft – then again either submit it to the agent or your beta readers and still they may not like it. You get stuck in a loop which never stops. Ultimately, after many years you realized – this is not the story I wanted to write.

Feedback can be great but you have to remember its your story. Of course get a editor. Get rid of the grammatical mistake. Of course try and work with people who help you develop your writing style. But that is it.

Write. Be proud. Get feedback, but do not crave for validation. You don;t need it. Just open the book, and look at what you created. What you can create. 🙂

Happy writing!!

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