Oh boy, Its April already!

It is a surprise how day after day just passes by and you suddenly realize that you are half way through the year.

Usually, we tend to keep a good track of the year. You know, set goals, then set up steps to achieve them. Usually,  we also seem to sometimes handle our goals effectively while on the other hand, we scream or cry about the obstacles we face. 😉 Yeah we all do that. 

I have to admit this year has been different. It feels different. For me at least. I started with a pretty solid picture in my mind… but now when I look back I feel I have not got to where I wanted be. In fact, I felt I have swayed away from my goals. I realized it yesterday when I was chatting with a friend and she suddenly mention

“Do you believe it, its April, already!”

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So today morning I started asking myself why did this happen? Did I really sway away from my goals? I am usually more organised that this and easily hit targets. What went wrong? I used reverse psychology.

Every writer I know (and you know) has a full time job. I took an hour and cross-checked all my goals and whatever extra work I might have done.

When it came to my job – overall, I seemed to have done pretty well. I had attained all goals, worked well with my team and other stakeholders. So when I saw that I had done what I needed to do by April…half of my stress was gone. 

Then I focused on my manuscript, which I had been working on to shorten and edit. Here, I noticed that I was procrastinating. The process had taken me longer than I thought and well then of course the fact remained that I am still going through the 17th revision of my book. And of course all the rejections from the agents did not help either. So, I put this as ‘half success’ as I have done most of the work.

But in comparison to last years, instead of ‘putting myself down’ I said to myself – hey I have gone this far and its near the end. I had to remind myself that in the end, while things did not happen when I wanted them to happen, but things were well. Again it did not feel that bad. It was not perfect but hey life is not perfect! 

Then I cross checked my personal goals – although I hadn’t lost all the weight I wanted, I was regularly going to gym and was pretty physically active. I had good positive and supportive friends and family. My relationships were healthy. I was taking care of my physical and emotional well being. 

So, by the end of four months – I had done at least 80% of the work. I was still sane. 😉 I was still writing, have a good job and great friends. Life was not too bad and of course, I have 8 months to adjust my goals. 🙂 

So if you are worried that the first quarter of the year is gone and you have done nothing, check facts before you worry. Usually, you will feel pretty good about yourself. 

Happy writing! Happy life! 

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