Faith and writing

Why do some of us despite of our best efforts fail while others succeed? The answer to that is not simple. Yah, I know people just say they got lucky! No not really, its a combination of certain things and most of all the caliber of faith and the determination to keep going no matter what.

Today, I was scrolling through the audible app on my iphone and I saw the extensive number of books and creative art of other people. Some of them were for me others weren’t but that didn’t matter. I or you are not meant to read everything. We go after things that we think are valuable to us or interesting to us. What I saw was amazing? I just loved how many people were sharing their own stories. It was so encouraging!

How did they do it? Did everyone believe in them? No. Not really. Most of the stories you read the author fought their way through desperation, struggled for years and then got to where they were. The best well-known writers have spend years in the darkness, and fought every internal and external demon to finish their books. How did they do it? Didn’t they feel like giving up? Of course they did, but they knowingly or unknowingly used a tool… called faith.

Give it a thought. If you didn’t have faith in yourself, would you write? No. Having faith in themselves and their craft gave these writers the strength to rise up, and do something because they knew that one day they will be successful. What gives a artist motivation to shoot video after video even though no one watches it… faith that one day they will succeed or make a difference. What gives you to strength to write draft after draft of your book and you never give up? Simple, faith in their ability to figure things out. Faith that you will complete it, make it as good as you can!

But where you and I haven’t give up but not everyone is like that. After several rejections several people give up because they believe they are not good enough, they have no support, people tell them they are not good writers, publishers and those in the industry don’t support their craft.

It is our job, the people who have faith to share our experiences with those who have given up or lost their way. We don’t have to draft their path for them but we can tell them that we believe in them… and they can do it. That is all sometimes what someone needs to hear. They just need someone to say, “You can do it… it wont be easy… but you can.” They may not get on it immediately, but its always good to have someone who believes in you.

So do you think faith defines your path?

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