Expression is courage…

Hey there! Nice to see you again.

Today we speak about courage and daring. When is it that when we speak of courage we think about the soldiers taking a bullet or going behind enemy lines with the knowledge that they would probably never see their families again.

But I think people are courageous everyday. A mother who decides to raise a child on her own. A man who speaks up for himself or for someone else. The act to stand up in front of an audience and speak even though you hate public speaking. Finding a new job although that might mean stepping out of your comfort zone. Writers are courageous for sharing their ideas and putting them out there.

Most of the time we fear that our work/craft may not be good enough but how do you perfect your work? I was listening to a podcast of one of the guys who is the best in making videos about radical ideas. The first thing he said that he ‘sucked’ at it but he never gave up. He kept working, perfecting it that doesn’t mean that he didn’t fail. He admitted to failing all the time but yet every time he failed he thought it perfected or nearly perfected his work.

There is no such thing as perfection, and it takes courage to put your work out there. Writers for me are one of the most courageous people I know. They know that when they try to put your work out there is a high possibility of criticism, people might laugh at them and point out their mistake and most of all they might think their book is not good. Learning from great writers like Stephen king who saved every rejection letter he got and used it fuel his work.

Most of the people bury their flaws and their stories and take them to the grave, but writers are the ones who shares them knowing that it is not going to make everyone happy. It’s a way to express what they are, who they were and what they become? They are the alchemist who have learned how to make gold by using small pieces of lead handed over to them by life.

So, are you an alchemist yet? 😉

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