Are you ready to write?

Hey all, thinking of writing a book… GREAT! AWESOME! Its the best thing in the world… now get ready.

First thing… write, write and write. It doesn’t matter how good or bad it is. This no time to judge. Its time to write.

Second, light editing. Yeah, I know people would say do not send your work without deep editing. I do not agree. I would say send it after light editing because then when you get feedback, you can go in deep.

Third… feedback.. is so important. It’s the key to everything. But it also depends on who is giving you feedback. Be careful otherwise you will be running in circles.

Fourth… rewrite. Yes, I prefer to rewrite after feedback because I get the time away from my book and also there are a number of comments or amends you need to make. Remember.. use the constructive feedback… and leave the criticism behind.

One more final thing… keep a journal about your journey while writing your story… it really helps.

Happy blogging.

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