Quest to publish Haunted- Post 3

Today I am going to share with you what a few of my beta readers/proof readers say about the book. Hope you like the poster!

A bit of a back story. I am running a campaign to fund Haunted’s publishing. It’s all or no go. Meaning if I don’t reach my goal the campaign doesn’t get funded. Yes its a challenge, and thankfully I have got a few backers. To read the complete story please go to
I hope you like the graphics! Thanks in advance!

Now back to my early readers. I thank them for working with me towards developing my craft and here is what they had to say about the book! I love these guys!

Intrigued? Please pledge and bring this project to life.

If you feel this project is not for you, no worries. Thank you for being here!

Have a lovely day.

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