Rebooting your project is not a bad idea.

Wow, this weeks has been a roller coaster ride! 

Last week I launched a kickstarter campaign to publish my book! Hooray! 

There was just one problem… I gave myself to little time. 😦 (yeah I know). 

So I tried to get in touch with the admin people on Kickstarter to extend my project. After forty eight hours of trying I get a reply that if I want to extend my project I have to cancel the current one and create and launch a new one! 

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Yes, I am treky and I have love the Star Trek reboot. 🙂

Now, back to my story!

OMG! OMG (this is me throwing tantrums). This I felt was a huge risk? Why? Because I already had five backers. In other words my campaign had just gained some traction and of course if I cancelled the project I could lose them.

It was really risky, but I didn’t think I could reach my goal of 2500 dollars in 22 days! No way! So I reached out to my backers and explained the situation to them. 

You know what I discovered. People truely care for you and they understand. They understood! I am so grateful and lucky to have such people support my campaign. 

I worked hard for the next twenty four hours, created the new campaign, cancelled the old one and started from the beginning! You know what happened? Out of the blue, I got a new backer who pledge a very generous amount. I was in tears… and I couldn’t contain my happiness. Yes all my previous backers are back again… but still I had someone new, someone who believed in me and was ready to pledge. Ready to support me. It has been a lovely experience and I wanted to share it with you. 

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Want to know more about my campaign to publish my book? Please go to… 

Hey, if you pledge you are one of the first people to get the book as soon as it comes out. Yes, every pledge has a reward and you won’t be charged a dime until I reach my goal. 

Click here to find out more:

Have a lovely day!

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