The best of 21st Century: Social media loves your art


Hello all,

Art is something personal, something you have imagined and you manifest it from your imagination into something physical like a picture, a tool, a machine, a book or a painting.

We like in the wonderful world of social media which is the best communication platform that you can use to reach people who might be interested in your work. Of course you will have some naysayers, but there are lot of people who do appreciate your work and all forms of social media Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc can be a good place to start.

Learning from my own experience. As you know that I am in a middle of a crowdfunding endeavour for my book – Haunted. In the last ten days I have discovered that power of social media and how it is helping me getting my book better. Also, most of all how to let people know about your work.

Take this post for instance. It was one of my earlier posts and I was a bit worried about putting it out there since I have never done anything like this before.

Of course it needed a paid boost in the beginning but once it was out there there was no stopping it.

Sharing your work also forces you to think differently. You can’t post the same thing over and over. Innovation is the key. A few days ago I posted the following pictures which are clues to the murder mystery. Just a few weeks ago I wouldn’t have thought of this!

As a artist you have a great opportunity to use social media to your advantage.

Want to know more about what I am up to? Check out the crowd funding endeavour that I am running. Its simple if you pledge you are one of the first people to get the book. There are various options available with more details here:

Happy blogging.

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