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As a writer, its is an exciting time for me. My second book will be out in Nov 2019 and I started a Kickstarter campaign to promote it and also engage my readers. Since I began this venture, I have been asked some questions about my book, and I thought it would be a great idea share them with everyone!

1) Could you share with us your thoughts about Haunted?    

Haunted is a book I began four years ago and what amazed me the most was the plot. I had never thought of anything like this before and it was really exciting to realize that I can write such a story. I began a Kickstarter campaign for Haunted because it allowed me to share the book’s journey before it was published. Usually readers see the end product, but I also wanted to share the process with them. 

2) How did you come up with this idea?   

My process for every book is different. I never know when or how I will get an idea. Seriously, I am not joking! My first book ‘Black Moon’ came to me in a dream. Haunted is special and I can’t specifically explain how I got the idea. It jump starts with the old ship buried in the desert on which innocent souls were slaughtered and the person who finds the ship believe the madness isn’t over. And she is right! Once I had the idea, the novel wrote itself.

3) What do you want to share with the backers who pledge for the project? 

First of all, I want to say thank you! Thank you for believing in me and my book. For giving us a chance. I am especially grateful to my friends and family. I really hope you like the book and I wish you would remember that it was because of your contribution and encouragement this book/project came to life.  

4) Do you have any special message to be shared?

The first chapter The secrets she keeps is available online. Check it out! Back this project by preordering the book via pledging @ kickstarter. All donations are welcome which will be funneled into this project and please spread the message. Thanks!  

A bit about me….

I live in Australia.  Other than writing, I am one of the biggest fans of research and spend time in creative and academic writing. When I am of my desk, I want to hop on a plane and travel the world. If that is not possible, then I raids the local beaches, parks and walking trails; and most of all I love spending time reading books and drinking coffee. 

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