Wednesday is the new Monday!

Wow! It’s just pouring in my town. I hope you guys are staying dry and warm. Wish I could do that, I need to get dressed, leave my warm house and go to my day job. Yep! I know many writers/artist do the same and all of us dream one day to just write or at least go part time.

So my question today is have to planned this dream? This is the question that occurred to me in the morning. I have been thinking about this but I have never planned it. Why? Simple, I have a fear like everyone else to let go of my comfort level.

What else stops you and me? Expertise. We have or not have put in the time to learn the expertise to go all in and actually make money from our writing. Hey if it’s just a hobby… that’s cool but if you are writing book after book or keep getting ideas… man you have to do something about it. Maybe you should be writing more.

Third thing… time. Oh this is a big one. I use this as an excuse and find myself fiddling around but not doing what I need to do. Why? Because somewhere in my head I have told myself it’s hard, it’s going to take time, it’s to much etc.

So what is stopping you? The first thing to do is identify it and then try to make small changes. Yes, small not big especially if you have someone depending on you!

Identifying what is stopping you, asking for help and doing it will get you there. For instance, I have been running around to publish my second book. The first one I published was 10 years ago and I did it for fun. As a hobby. Coming back to 2019 I did write a book and I knew and wanted to sell it. To boost it before comes out I decided to promote it through a fundraising campaign… and OMG it has been a rollarcoaster ride and I have learned a lot!

If you want to see where I am at on the journey please click here: here and share!

The take away message, you will also have fears and the only way to kill the fear is to do it. Writers write!

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