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This is an exciting time! I launched a campaign for my mystery thriller, Haunted which will be released in Nov 2019. The campaign allows readers to contribute in the development of the book. It has been a great experience. Several readers have come forward and pledge from $1 to $100 and claimed their early copy! You guys are great!

Here is the snap shot of the fundraisers progress!

So what’s the book about?

In Haunted, the Cranston team and two seasoned NYPD detectives are working together on the seemingly impossible case. Their investigation is a mixed bag of clues with several dead ends. On the trail of this ruthless killer, the Cranston team stumble on mysterious creatures in the woods that seem to have stepped straight out of mythology. The detectives on the same case encounter suspects who appear to be direct decedents of the devil himself.

Who is the unorthodox killer? How does he disappear? How can he be stopped from killing again? What does mythology and superstition have to do with this case? Pledge to find out…

Pumped up? You can read the first chapter for free!

Here is the teaser video about the book.

In the last 6 weeks with several ups and downs the campaign has reached 77%. What does this mean? Simple, with a few more people pledging I will reach my goal and (hooray!) the project will be funded!

With only 14 days more to go ( the fundraiser finishes on the 8th of Oct 2019), I am only a few people short! So, please pledge here http://kck.st/2YOOhL3

Please share and support! If you know someone who might be interested in buying this book or supporting it – please share this blog with them.

Please remember, the book releases in Nov 2019, if you pledge your card will be charged only when the project is completed and successful and if you have any comments please contact me. Thank you!

Appreciate you all, and THANKS A TON to my supporters! Readers! Friends and family!

To offer your support please click here http://kck.st/2YOOhL3

Who am I?

I live in Australia.  Other than writing, I am one of the biggest fans of research . When I am bored of my desk, I want to hop on a plane and travel the world. If that is not possible, then I raids the local beaches, parks and walking trails; and most of all I love spending time reading books and drinking coffee. 

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