No one ever makes it alone.

Hello all, Today I am speechless. I have been running a fundraiser campaign for my book and with just 46 dollars left to go, I remember the day I began this venture. I can’t believe, I am almost done. I know I have been posting, talking about the book, making videos but it in the end its support from backers, friends and family that has got me here. People who worked with me, supported me and hustled for the book, thank you. You backed my book, my dream and also shared my message. I couldn’t have done it without you. I appreciate you, and hopefully in the near future I can help you in some way.

Please note a few things about the fundraiser.

  1. The book will be published in Nov 2019, or early.
  2. When you pledge for a reward, you are buying the book (electronic or paperback)
  3. When you pledge through kickstarter, you get updates about the progress of the book and also where does the project stand.
  4. Once the project is fully funded, only then is your card charged. For instance, if a project does not reach its goal the backers do not pay a dime.
  5. Once the project reaches its goal (in this case $2500), I send out surveys to my backers to collect information (such as addresses) and also personally thank them for their support.
  6. The backers can ask me any questions directly.

The project is still running for the next nine days, you are welcome to join my journey! Pledge for Haunted.

Here is a video I created for the book.

A audio excerpt of the book.

Life is a beautiful journey. Help anyone you can, do whatever you can to achieve your dreams, stay humble, write everyday, love everyday and never ever forget those who stood by you in the time of difficulty!

Who am I?

Hello all. I am Harbeer. I live in Australia.  Other than writing, I am one of the biggest fans of research . When I am bored of my desk, I want to hop on a plane and travel the world. If that is not possible, then I raids the local beaches, parks and walking trails; and most of all I love spending time reading books and drinking coffee. 

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