Rejections and Authors

What does or does not motivate author? Many things!

I am a part of many writing groups and I came across an author who was unhappy because her family didn’t support her writing or buy her books. A thought popped in my head, do they have to because they are family? The answer is no. Your family or friends may not buy or read your book due to several reasons. Mostly its simply because they are not interested.

But why do we feel the need to be accepted. Its human nature and we all want to be acknowledged for our hard work and commitment, and writing a book is a lot of commitment. Family and friends are people we rely on and we want them to at least check out our books. But honestly that really happens. I can relate to her and other authors situation because last year I did a campaign for my book and several people who I knew well did not pledge or support. At first, it was a bit hurtful but then I just accepted it.

I feel its best not react when someone close by doesn’t support you. Writers are professionals, and like at any other job not everyone is going to like what you do.

As a writer, especially when I was getting ready to publish Haunted, I had a hard time. Haunted was published in 2019. But what no one knows that for four years I had sent to over hundred traditional publishers and agents, and got rejected every time. It hurt. A lot. And when one of the agents did show interest, after eight months of long wait I found out that she had left the agency. It was a lesson, a long one. I had this fantasy in my head that I needed a agency or a traditional publisher to get to a certain level with my book. But I did not. All I needed to do was believe in myself, get a few professional people to critique it, get a awesome editor and most of all a cover. But I am so glad I self published it at last. Why? Because although have to do everything I also have totally control over my books. I can choose the price, change the covers, and edit it if needed without any hassle. I am doing well and I am about to publish my sixth book. So, too all authors out there, do not give up.

By the way- Haunted is one of the favorite books of my readers. 🙂 And I have received so much praise for the plot lines and the way it has been written. Imagine if I had let all those rejections get in my head and stopped writing. Well, then I wouldn’t have never got here.

Have a great week. Chat to you later.

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