This is why you should have a paperback version of your book.

Hello all!

Recently, I got my second book out! Haunted. I have been blogging about it for the past few months. Just this Friday (6th Dec 2019), I got the paperback version. OH MY GOD. It was so exciting! Its so good to actually hold the book in my hands and look at it. I loved the smell and the feel of crisply-bound pages. Here is what the awesome people from my writing group thought!

Getting over five-hundred responses and over two hundred comments was something that I never expected! And, I am so grateful for this!

The book (ebook) was released in the beginning of Nov 2019, and I have sold a couple of copies. But holding the paperback version of the book was such a great and amazing feeling. I cannot actually put it in words!

Ebook are definitely great! I have nothing against them. They are economical, long lasting, easy to carry and distribute and of course you should always have a Ebook version of your book. That being said, creating a paperback version of your book actually feels tangible. Its there! Its done! I felt like a author when I held my book! Its like, wow this is now a book!

Most of my readers and friends and family bought the book, and they were as excited as I was because they have been hearing about it for sometime now. So, make sure you get your novel’s paperback version.

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