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I have got some exciting news! Black Moon, an early adventure in the Cranston series is now available for Preorder

This book has an interesting history. I had published it in 2003 (just for fun). I didn’t plan to be a writer then, so it didn’t occur to me to promote or sell it. A couple of family and friends knew about it, but that was it. But something changed after Haunted, and I thought it would be a cool to kick off this decade by publishing another book.  

Black Moon, is a suspense thriller with a supernatural element set in a time when we had floppy disks (yeah remember those?) and mobile phone were not that popular (iPhone did not exist). This story gives you an idea of where it all began (since it was my first book) and how the characters changed or grew and came together in Haunted. 

After Haunted in Nov 2019, I have been putting in a couple of hours each day to get this book to you. I am super excited when it came back from the editor and Amazon made it live in 24 hours! (Wow, I did not expect that!). The ebook is on half price ($2.99) until 29 Feb 2020. So grab your copy now! 

Black Moon’s Ebook is available for preorder all over the world including United StatesAustralia,CanadaUnited Kingdom and Europe.

Here is a short video about the book. I hope you enjoy it! 

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