Reviews & Thoughts: Mr. Darcy’s Perfect Match

What a fantastic read!

Mr. Darcy’s perfect match was such a catchy read that I couldn’t put the book down until my kindle needed charging!

A slow beginning of the book puts you in perfect environment of 18th century. Soon the story takes off, and the authors unique style, pace of the plot and the depth of the characters take you on a ride.

A fabulous read I enjoyed several aspects I wanted see in the original P&P. Darcy we all know improves, but he has lot of learn and so does Elizabeth. I really enjoyed the increasing chemistry between the two characters. There is more focus on other characters, and this really makes the story interesting.

One of my favourite aspects is the story’s focus on Georgina, Darcy’s sister. Her emotions, her love for her brother and her insecurities are revealed fantastically and how she is drawn in an evil plot to break up Darcy and Elizabeth. Will she finally see the truth or again make mistakes that she will regret later?

I think no one should miss this one!

Being a huge Jane Austin Fan I couldn’t be thankful enough for Kelly Miller for giving these stories a new life!

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