Reviews & Thoughts: Caged (Book 1 Idyllic Series)

This story sent chills down my spine but I still couldn’t stop reading.

It grabs you from page one and Eden and Linux are the perfect characters. They are real, raw, they make mistakes and pay a price which is very high.

The world building by this author is excellent. Perfect I would say. Eden’ earth is cruel, polluted, and human are extinct and hunted for harvesting and breeding.

Eden is doing what she can to survive and help her race but when she is caged and chosen by the machines to forcefully turn into a Idyllic. Will she yield? Help to hunt her own people? Or what price will she pay for her defiance? Find out by reading the book!

I have to say, Some parts of the story reminded of the cruelty we show against animals. We cage them. We use them as test subjects. We put the in zoos as exhibits. What if it was us instead of them? The novel gets very real and raw in these chapters and it keeps you on the edge.

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