Writing my sixth book

For several people 2021 was a highly awaited. There was hope that somehow the pandemic would melt away this year and not haunt us any more. Like everyone I too had this hope. Although the situation is better (I think) the damage done by such incidences leaves a mark on the society. I have survived this time because of my friends, family and writing. Having a purpose in life is important… and I feel that writing is on of my purposes in life.

After publishing my fifth book (Fall of Titan) in December 2020 and seeing it go so well, I was on the right path or so I felt. It appears that you never stop learning when you are a writer and you never stop doubting and wondering.

My sixth book is called Shadow Pandemic. It is currently on preorder, you can have a look if you like. The cover is still a work in progress and will change over time.

Shadow Pandemic by [H.G. Ahedi]

I got the idea of this book in early 2020 after the pandemic struck. But I didn’t write it then because I was busy writing and publishing other books and I also have a full time job.

The first draft for Shadow Pandemic was completed in Nov- Dec 2020 but I didn’t touch it again until end of Jan 2021. This usually happens after I have published a book, I do not write for weeks or months.

As I was getting Shadow Pandemic in shape (that means a lot of editing), I often found myself feeling sleepy and yawning. Now this could be because I had just started a new job and was hardly getting any rest or time. But I don’t remember feeling the same while I have editing other books. The recurrent sensation got me thinking, wondering why?

The answer was simple the story was straightforward and quiet slow in comparison to my other books such as Haunted. Then I thought, ‘Oh my goodness if I am feeling that the pace is so slow, my readers would surely sense it’. And yes readers are very smart, they do. And I as somewhat experienced writer know that a pace of the story keeps it alive. Shadow Pandemic is on preorder and is set to release in first week of May. Two months What could I do? Is this a good time to change the plot? Add a new character? To me that sounded utterly crazy! Felt like starting over.

So the weekend when this realization dawned on me, instead of editing I was brooding about how to improve the plot. Make it fast pace. Surely I could add a few action scenes but this is not a Cranston mystery. Shadow Pandemic is the first book of of a different type of thrillers which I plan to write. I am sure this happens to every writer and I kept worrying for many days. Then it struck me! What if I change the way the plot is written. Lets jump scenes of the past and present. Spike the curiosity of the reader by showing a glimpse of the end. I know. I know. It’s not rocket science and this technique has been used by other writers ( honestly I have just read a few novels but hey there are millions of books out there!). This idea thrilled me and I thought I tested it. And within the first three chapters I noted the difference.

So armed with a new sense of assurance that I wouldn’t bore my readers to death… I have happily begun working on the book again and hopefully would get it out in time. And I should say – that slight change (actually slight change is an understatement) sparked other ideas as to how I could improve the book! I hope my experiment with my book goes well and should keep everyone in the loop! The idea of sharing my journey is to help other writers and also share how I develop my books with my readers.

Have a lovely week!

One of my books is free this week! Its a emotionally charged short story. Please feel free to download it and leave a review!

Lost and found: A short story by [H.G Ahedi]

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