Reviews & Thoughts: She Named Me Wolf

Everyone makes their own choice

This story touches a lot of truth and takes you on a journey on how ur choices define your life.
Wolf is a lovely boy who has special friends. He can speak with dogs, birds, ants and most of all Polly – a ghost.

Wolf is mistreated and beaten by his father. Unfortunately, there is no one to help him. While his elder brother is a useless and his mother spends most of her life hoping that his father would improve.
As he grows Wolf becomes weary – thinks of running away and even at a point decides to end it all.

The story is emotional, it will make you cry, and at the same time spring your imagination. But it tells you ultimately its your choice. If you are in a bad situation … It’s up to you to remove yourself, fight back and make a change. You can either be the victim or you can take charge. It reminds you a bully/abusive/manipulative person will not change… It is you who must.

The author beautifully outlines several imaginative elements with larger than life characters. I highly recommend this one!

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