Turn Difficult Situations Into Lessons to Empower Yourself

Hey folks!

Today, like most of Sundays, I was listening to the podcasts. I came across an old episode of the #selfpublishing show hosted by Mark Dawson and James Blanch. Fantastic folks! This episode featured author, editor, coach, and podcaster Hilary Jastram. This very prolific author who not only writes books but also helps other author develop their own work. She really inspired me. She suffers from an untreatable disease which limits her ability to the use of her legs, and yet she is the most jolly, enthusiastic and positive person. I am clearly surprised and delighted. I am currently myself facing some challenges and listening to her story and how she turns her challenges into a way to pave a way to make a better life for herself. This podcast is not only for authors, I believe, it will help anyone who is trying finding their path.

I really like how she spoke about how to get out of your own way. Many times our own thoughts block our path (rather than other people) and I believe Hilary gives excellent points.

You should check this one out!


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