Poseidon (Realm book 2) – Blogging about books!

After the Fall, all is left is blood and revenge.

The destruction of the perimeter, and the vanishing of Titan and Prometheus has left the Realm open to invaders. With a skeleton fleet guarding the outer rims of the solar system, all hopes of defeating the Orias queen have diminished. Now it’s about survival. But in a corner of cold dark space, hope lingers. Read more

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Poseidon is the second installment in the Realm series by the magnificent HG Ahedi. I love sci-fi so dang much, and books like this just scratch all the right places in my brain. They make me giddy and nostalgic for the times when Star Trek and Doctor Who used to just play in the background of our house. My birth-dad was obsessed with these shows, and it kind of bled into my brain. Continue Reading – Amy’s review

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