I do not remember when was the first day or date when I started writing. I just know it was a long time ago. I do not think I had a personal computer. I used to write with pen and paper during breaks as I continued to do my medical degree. However, I do remember one thing. I used to read books, and then tell those stories to my friends in the evening. I also use to make up stories and share them with my friends. It was a form of entertainment and it kept us sane in the high stressed environment of ‘being the first’ or ‘being the best’ race. It was very common in my class (or even now) in India to be judged by your mark sheet and I never ‘levelled’ up to it because could not recite word to word as per text book. I understood every concept taught during the class and preferred to write in my own words. But that is not what the teachers wanted. So, you could say I was an average kid. I didn’t care. 

There was another sin I constantly committed – I read fiction, crime fiction. It was considered a waste of time by many people (sorry to say – including my father). Trust me there were families out there who did and still do encourage their kids to read. It was just the environment I was in. My classmates couldn’t believe I read so much. Again, I cared little because reading was opening my eyes to a different vibrant world. 

The truth is, I never wanted to be the first, or the best in my class. I just wanted to be me. To fit in. To care. To love. To be happy. To be independent. To see this wonderful world. Like any other human being (I think). And you know what – I have been a happy kid all my life! 

Now back to writing – I distantly remember, one story coming to me in a dream. I was so excited that I shared it with a close friend and this was the first time someone said to me – “You should write this one.” 


The idea of writing a book might have occurred to me, but someone else saying it meant something different. I believe that comment encouraged me write my first book (Black Moon). After that, I wrote several with pen and paper. I think it was in the early 90’s that our family got a computer. I used to hide the fact from my family that I wrote and it was not until I could buy my own computer did my stories turn digital. Why didn’t I tell my family? I thought no one would care. Even today, they are not very much interested in my writing but they never discourage me. They are always supportive. 

Back to the 90’s. Once I got a personal computer, I remember transferring my books from paper to computer. I do not know how I squeezed out the time for it, but I did! I finished my medical degree; I got a part time job. Although I wrote – I never sent any of my books to anyone but did try my hand on self-publishing (vanity press). Black Moon was first published in 2003, with absolutely no sales. Again, I didn’t care. I just wanted to see what happened. And I moved on, and wrote Calculated Murder (then called Curious Case of Mr. Moss) and Haunted (previous name even I cannot remember). There are multiple books still in my hard drive that I haven’t looked at for several years. 

I wouldn’t have taken any action, but after my father passed away, something drove me to create better books and that lead to the launch and publication of Haunted. I republished Black Moon in 2020 and since then it has been selling successfully. 

The moral of the story is – you will never fit in anyone’s frame.  If I tried to give up on rewriting concepts in my own words, and recited like other students to gain more marks – who knows I might have lost my creative edge. Or I may have not. I do not know and I do not want to know! Since I have taken publishing seriously, several times I have thought – I should have done this early. But you know when the time the right, it is right and it is never too late. 

Hope you have a great day – and Black Moon is for FREE world wide. So, pick up your copy from any Amazon marketplace before 8th March 2022.

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